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A Ticket to Atlantis


What if the sea could remember? What if it had a voice? What would it tell us? Departing from the experiences and images of migrants that tried to cross shores, A Ticket to Atlantis explores the relationship between the human body and the sea. What can the ancient myth of Atlantis, the lost and sunken city, tell us about the search for a safe haven? These questions result in a multi-disciplinary performance, which intertwines documentary elements and poetic fictional elements that inspire the movement, the visuals and the text. The performance is about the encounter with the unknown, with utopia, with solitude and with death. It will take the audience on a search for lightness, a state where the burdens of identity can be released.

A Ticket to Atlantis, is an immersive and site-specific performance at the sea side in The Hague.

More information about this performance will follow soon.

CONCEPT & PERFORMANCE Lina Issa, Mayar Alexan MUSIC Santiago Córdoba

Photo © Alia Haju