Joudi Al Ali

As a result of my interest in ballet since a young age, and with the encouragement of my parents, I joinedBallet School in 2006, where […]

Wajd Mansour

As a result of my curiosity and interest in bodies and movement, and with the encouragement of my parents, I started dancing when I was […]

Nadine Nasr

Nadine Nasr is a young emerging artist from Alexandria. She is a fine arts student, specialized in sculpture. Of athletic origin, Nadine played volleyball for […]

Reza Mirabi

Reza Mirabi finds himself somewhere between a choreographer, visual artist, dancer, and seed collector, with a background in horticulture, environmental education, and reforestation projects in […]

Devika Chotoe

Devika Chotoe (She/They) is a performance artist, writer and community builder. Her work emerges from a concern for justice and a desire to heal and transform […]

El Sadiq-a

El Sadiq-a (they/them) is a queer non-binary refugee performer artist from Morocco, living in the Netherlands. El Sadiq-a is a rapper, slam poet and storyteller. […]

Bushra Arbawi

Bushra Arbawi is a multidisciplinary researcher of body&Soul, Jungian Analyst and multidisciplinary artist. Her work is about ‘the me and the other’ and about this […]

Reem Dada

Reem Dada is a British Syrian artist whose work revolves around identity, queer community, and belonging.