Halim Ramses

Halim Ramses is a visual artist, cultural practitioner and researcher based in Cairo. He is the founder of “Re-imagining Egyptology”, a research project and public […]

Eye Wrote

As an awkward child, drawing on books, seats, and walls was my way to make friends in school after moving to a new country.  But […]

Lennert De Vroey

Lennert De Vroey (Antwerp, 1994) works as a writer, theatermaker, (voice-)actor and songwriter. In his work, he often takes on a documentary and research-driven approach […]

Eleonora Lombardo

My passion is story telling. I thrive when I recount the plotsof books, movies, objects and life. I have a bachelor degree in Classical Languages and Literature, a master […]

Irene Lentile

Irene Lentile is an Italian singer from Palermo. Since the beginning of her musical activity, she has always chosen peculiar musical paths, trying to connect […]

Giuseppe Di Bernardo

Giuseppe is from Sicily. He has been involved in documentary cinema since 2008, both in the movies direction and in the organization of festivals. He […]

Giorgia Mirto

Giorgia Mirto is a university researcher and anti-racist activist from Sicily. She has spent the past 11 years researching Italian procedures related to the burial, […]

Giulia Crisci

Giulia Crisci is an independent art researcher and curator based in Palermo. She is curator in resonance of the DOTE year of listening in Palermo, […]


BLITZ is a research, training and theatrical company, founded in Palermo in November 2014, bringing together the established experience of artists from different backgrounds and […]