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Amira Chebli

Amira Chebli studied fine arts and started her dance and theater endeavors in her late teenage years, by participating in workshops and master classes with Tunisian directors and choreographers. She was trained as a theater student by Tunisian director, Taoufik Jebali, and was also a student of the Arab African Center for Theater Studies and Research.

Her focus is contemporary dance combined with an essence of modern jazz and classic basics. She did several trainings with local and international dancers and choreographers such as Nawal Skandrani, whom she collaborated with for several years on an extensive training and two shows (Olive leave and 100% water) touring in Tunisia and in the Middle East. Besides taking part in collaborations, Chebli also worked on several contemporary dance based solo projects with oriental influences.

She was an actor and dancer in the Tunisian French dance theater play la vie est un songe as well as Peer Gynt both directed by David Bobée. She played in several Tunisian and international short and feature length films with directors such as Jilani Saadi, Rocco Riccio, Ayda Alaya, Didier Albert and Elyes Baccar. She also appeared in One Tunisian tv series called For the beautiful eyes of Catherine.