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Liwaa Yazji

Liwaa Yazji is a filmmaker, playwright, scriptwriter and a poet. She has written different plays, such as Here in the Park. Her play Goats has been published in English and produced in The Royal Court Theatre. Additionally, the play Q&Q was a part of the Birth Debate Project in Manchester, along with Waiting for the Guests, which was published in Index for Censorship.

Her work in the field of poetry has also gained recognition internationally. Her work contains, Peacefully we Leave Home, a poetry collection that was a translation of Saved by Edwards Bond’s play. Three poems was translated and published in New York after the Poets House Residency.

Yazji is a co-writer in Reveal, which is the world’s first active reality adventure story along with the Kashah Project. Her work as a filmmaker includes the feature documentary Haunted, which premiered in FID Marseille and had international tours and screening.

Yazji was also selected for Arbeitsstipendien nichtdeutschprachige Literatur to work on her project Trash.