13 juni to 1 september

The program is conceived as a journey through different artistic forms and thematics. Attending a combination of different parts, would enrich your journey. It is envisioned to offer possibilities for encounters with one self (inwards) and others (outwards). For being impacted, for questioning our positionalities, diversifying our narratives and relations, and for expanding our realities and

What, who do you carry in your body? How to imagine our bodies differently through encounters and through being impacted by other bodies? How to ‘decolonize’ our encounters?

How is personal memory a form of resistance The performances and other programs deal with thematics, relevant to all of us, like ‘memory’, and its performativity, poetics and politics; the individual versus the collective/system; and strategies of resilience and transformation. The program offers the possibility to experience different perspectives and artistic forms, and to think through them during the After Talks and other events.