Dancing on the Edge

Cutting edge dance, theater and art installations showcase the artistic exchange between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa during Dancing on the Edge Festival 2017 in 4 Dutch cities from 8 till 18 November. Dancing on the Edge is home to everything that crosses the border: a platform for bold art and adventurous visitors. Go to dancingontheedge.nl for more information.

The Atlantis Project


Syria Sixth Space

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Birds-Eye View

My first survival moment was a rooftop accident that never happened. A death never happened to me as a young child while hiding, playing on our rooftop, parc...


#SyriaSixthSpace #KASHASH #Syria #Freedom Since 2011, the start of the Syrian uprising, the disappearance of several pigeon fanciers (kashash) across the la...
Nadia Khattab

Women in Dance

Women, Dance and Revolution: Reflections on Gender and Performance in the southern Mediterranean “Things don’t change”. Sarah looks me directly in the eye and ...