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Oproep: The Atlantis Project


Do you have a special relationship with the sea or do you feel that the sea has played a role in (the shaping of) your identity? And would you like to contribute to an artistic research project about the sea that will be exhibited at Dancing on the Edge Festival? Then read on and/or sign up below!

The Atlantis Project is an artistic research project by theater practitioners Lina ‘Issa and Mayar Alexan, which uses the sea, literally and figuratively, as a metaphor and source of inspiration to look at the different ‘currents’ of people, identities and stories in our society. To find the connections between these stories, we are looking for co-authors that want to share, listen and document each other’s stories about the sea in intimate work sessions. Some of the results of these work-sessions will be exhibited (anonymously if preferred) in an art installation during Dancing on the Edge Festival and published in Dancing on the Edge’s Magazine DOTE.

‘Issa and Alexan are the creators of the performance A Ticket to Atlantis, in which they explore the relation between the sea and the human body. This site-specific performance will open the Dancing on the Edge Festival in November 2017, on the beach near the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague. The Atlantis Project, also a part of the Dancing on the Edge Festival, is a further exploration of the themes of the performance. It searches  for a shared identity, and we want to conduct this search together with you as co-authors.

“The water is made up of a thousand and one different currents, each one a different color, weaving in and out of one another like a liquid tapestry of breathtaking complexity. These are the streams of story; each colored strand represented and contained a single tale. And because stories are held here in a fluid form, they retain their ability to change, to become new versions of themselves, to join us with other stories, and so become yet other stories. Unlike a library of books, it is not dead but alive.”

Salman Rushdie, Haroun and the Sea of Stories

If you want to participate in this project or would like more information, contact us at intern[at]dancingontheedge.nl or +31206180220. Contact person is Iris Spanbroek.