Amsterdam Lab

Two working sessions of reading\ writing\ listening and creating. Following the style and philosophy of the book of Liberation Through Understanding in the Between or as commonly know the Tibetan Book of […]

Between Death & Birth

The body is the place in Between Death & Birth. Listening to stories housed in our bodies through dance, storycircles, body mapping, writing and rewriting. […]

Cairo Lab

Spells and Incantations for Death, Birth (& Rebirth ) – Engaging with ancient Egyptian spells from the book “Exiting Towards Daylight” (mistranslated as The Book […]

Walking with Grief

What if we linger a moment with the loss we feel? With our personal and/or collective grief, the grief in our bodies, our political or […]

Scholarships 2022

After two years of online dance programs, we are happy to share with you that the eleventh edition of the Dancing on the Edge Scholarship […]

Rituals of Change: Co-Listening

DOTE invites you to join us a year-long co-enquiry into deep listening as a transformative collective practice. Each month throughout the calendar arc of the […]

DOTE Get-Together 2022

A Dancing on the Edge series In 2021 we started a new series which we will continue in 2022. We invite our neighbours, friends, curious […]