Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Mithkal Alzghair


Images entertain us; others inform us. Some are like bombs whose sounds are smothered. Some are too repellent to be seen, for the horror they might reveal, and thus are conveniently banished, to the advantage of the political apparatus. The media, gradually emptied of any humanity, disembowelling the already dead, endlessly loop more images.
How can we continue to produce images today, to show to the world what could be going on? How can the “un-representable” be represented? Alzghair is opening a choreographic space to find the convergence between two parallel lines: reality and art. He aspires to create images that whisper, making the cries of fear hidden within them become audible. Bodies and objects, scattered in space as if a bomb has exploded. This is after a disaster. This is the starting point.

CHOREOGRAPHY Mithkal Alzghair PERFORMERS  Mithkal Alzghair, Noma Omran, Marion Blondeau, K Goldstein SCENOGRAPHY Khaled Dawa

This project is part of the European cooperation program Performance(s) between two shores. Alzghair was in residency in March 2017 with Les Bancs Publics and will tour the different festivals and venues of the European partners.

Photo © Didier Nadeau