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Hillary Blake Firestone

Hillary Blake Firestone is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in the Netherlands since 1999.

After completing studies in Dance Performance/Composition and Literature in New York, she has worked in close collaboration with choreographers, composers, musicians and visual artists. In Holland she has appeared in the work of among others Frans Poelstra & Jan Langedijk, Beppie Blankert, Keren Levi, Pere Faura and Nicole Beutler.
Blake Firestone has made performances for festivals (such as Julidans, My Name Is Spinoza, and the I-Act Forum, Alexandria, Egypt), locations (such as Paradiso, seven Dutch cathedrals, and Het Muziekgebouw aan het IJ) and for companies (such as Connie Janssen Danst/Dansateliers and Le Groupe Dans, Ottawa, Canada).

Her work is suffused with dry humor and can be described as structurally complex yet undeniably human, a tenuous balance between precision and blunt physicality. The relationship between movement and sound is one of the primary focuses of her work. To this end, she often makes use of simple objects and complex music.