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Jamal Penjweny

Jamal Penjweny is a Iraqi Kurdish photographer, artist, and filmmaker. Penjweny started as a sculptor and painter in Iraqi Kurdistan. Since 2004, while based in Baghdad, his photographs have reported the Iraqi conflict all over the world and appeared in more than a dozen of international news publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The National Geographic, and The World Press Photo Magazine. Penjweny’s latest works as a filmmaker include The Gun Market and Another Life– reporting the life of smugglers and the weapons illegal trade at the border between Iraq and Iran – where Penjweny was born. Penjweny’s photography series Iraq is Flying has been selected and exhibited in the United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, New Zealand, Brazil, and China. In 2011, Penjweny was selected by Musée du quai Branly as one of the twenty non-European best artists. Saddam is Here has been exhibited at Photoquai, the Paris-hosted photography biennale. In his latest project, The New Leaders, Penjweny reports the historical changes engulfing the Middle East region in the aftermath of the popular uprising.