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Mariam Hammoud

Mariam Hammoud (1985 – 2017) was born in Akkar, Lebanon. In 2007 she graduated in acting and directing, after which she pursued a Master’s in Directing at the Saint Joseph University in Beiruit. Following this, she coordinated the art department at the Hariri School in the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps. In 2011, Hammoud joined the faculty of Arts and Sciences at the Lebanese International University.

Hammoud took part in several theater and dance performances which took place in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Belgium. She directed three pieces, of which Al Mayram (2017) was the latest, based on her deconstruction of violence in Islam and funded by AFAC. Recently she also published the first four parts of her research related to her performance, Al Mayram / Al Mada, supervised by Dr Fawaz Traboulsi.

Hammoud has also been active in TV production, journalism, teaching cultural management and volunteering in drama therapy for refugees. In 2017, she was participating in an artistic residency in Tanz Haus in Dusseldorf.