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Mohammad Abou Laban

Mohammad Abou Laban  is a screenwriter, poet, playwright and journalist who was educated in both Philosophy and Theater Studies in Syria.

He has worked on several TV projects in the Arab World including short TV films, adaptations and a soap opera. In addition Mohammad contributed to the making of several documentary films.

He has also worked for Radio Nacional de España / Arabic section as a Journalist, Broadcaster and news Editor.

Mohammad has several publications: poetry collections (Exercises In Meaningfulness-2016) (A Passerby Turns-2009) (Paradox-2008) (In A While-2005) and a play (The Last Lovers-2008).

He is the founder and editor of the magazine A Syrious Look, and the artistic director of Syrian Mobile Film Festival. Currently, Mohammad is co-writing HEIM, a TV series to be produced in Germany.