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Rosalba Torres Guerrero

Rosalba Torres Guerrero studied contemporary dance at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers from 1991-1995. Afterwards she worked with the Company DCA/Philippe Découflé in Paris and the Ismael Ivo Company at the German National Theater Weimar. In 1997 the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker invited her to join her company Rosas, at the Theatre de la Monet Brussels. She danced in all great choreographies of this company, among others in raga for a rainy season/love supreme, Cassandra, April Me, Rain, in real time, Drumming, Mozart /Concert Arias, Achterland and Woud. Worldwide tours followed with the renowned company.

Since 2005, she works with company les ballets C de la B under the direction of the famous choreographer Alain Platel. She worked among others in his pieces vsprs, pitie! and the award-winning piece Out of Context. In 2011, she gives her debut as a choreographer with Pénombre. Worldwide tours occurred with all these pieces. In 2013 she is co-choreographer of the piece Badke (co-production of les ballets C de la B, KVS, and A.M. Qattan Foundation), featuring 10 Palestinian dancers.