Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east


Thabi Mooi

Thabi Mooi (1983) graduated from the Theatre Directing Studies in Amsterdam in 2012. Since her graduating, she has been striving to create site-specific performances, in which mime and music come together and the audience has a special, active role. Besides theater, Thabi also makes (dance) films, together with partner and filmmaker Tom Fassaert.  

Her love for landscape, movement and music merge in universal stories about loss, love and seeking a home. The theme of ‘displacement’ is rooted in her personal background. She was born in Luanda, Angola, as daughter of a South African father and a Dutch mother, who themselves have been cut off from their native country and their family for a large part of their lives. When she was eighteen she moved to Amsterdam, where she still lives with her partner and daughter.