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Call for entries DOTE Festival 2022

Update 19-05-2021: We’ve extended the deadline from 25 May 2021 to 15 June 2021, giving you an additional three weeks to send in your proposals for Dancing on the Edge Festival 2022!

For the eighth edition of Dancing on the Edge Festival, that will take place in spring 2022, we are looking for contemporary dance and theater performances as well as multimedia and performance installations / films / art works / artistic research / podcasts and so on. Read the full call here:

Dancing on the Edge (DOTE) is an artistic platform and festival that seeks to challenge singular narratives with exciting and new artistic formats to engage both artists and spectators. We are looking for proposals for our multidisciplinary and multi-city festival taking place in spring 2022. This festival we are working with an overarching theme for the first time, Rituals of Change (see below).

We are based in Amsterdam and work both locally and globally, specifically –but not exclusively- with artists and practitioners from the region of the Middle East and North Africa and its diaspora. Please take a look at How We Work… for more about our vision, how we (de-)construct the festival as a collective effort, and how we seek to intertwine form and content. We hope you want to join us!


Dancing on the Edge Festival 2022 is working with the proposition Rituals of Change. Ritual to reach back, to acknowledge where we come from and where we are now, to recognize what we want to change. To draw the future towards us. Ritual to pay homage, transform, and celebrate. To mark loss and pain, to (un)map and embody, to bring magic and imagination to our encounters with each other and our surroundings.

How do you relate to change, to ritual, to these as a thematic? Let us know in your application.

We curated an initial workshop series within this frame, built around themes such as: relationships between land and belonging, sacred landscapes, colonial structures and climate emergency. Food identity and forms of production. Ancestors, multiple narratives, rewriting histories. Ritual to focus on process and shared experience, collective notions.


For the eighth edition of the Dancing on the Edge Festival, we are looking for original contemporary dance and theater performances, as well as multimedia and performance installations, films, artistic research, podcasts and so on. We expect that the festival will be a hybrid form of offline presentations and performances, participatory and site-specific programs, as well as (live) online performances, events and engagement. This hybrid form offers new potential for participation.

DOTE Festival has moved to a new season, spring 2022, which will bring a new energy to it. Exact dates to be confirmed.


  • The work submitted/proposed should have high artistic quality and be made/performed by artists working to a professional standard.
  • We are looking for original work, made by artists with a personal signature.
  • The work may be in development at the time of the call.
  • Performances may be either full length productions, or short pieces to be presented as part of a mixed program.
  • The work may either be for theater, or for non-traditional venues such as site-specific locations, community venues, etc. It may be located in its context, work that does not travel and is presented as an online artistic work or artistic research.
  • Theater performances should be suitable for surtitling. Those not in English should be sent with an English translation/summary.
  • The artist/group identify as from, or in relation to, the Middle East and North Africa, and/or to the theme Rituals of Change.
  • The artist/group agrees to engage actively with the festival, sharing their practice and participating in different events. The artist/group endorses the festival’s vision and intention of how to work together.


Applications are to be made through the online form. Please complete it with as much detail as possible.
For questions or more information, please write to office [at] dancingontheedge.nl


15 June 2021        Deadline call.

Medio 2021    Artists selected for the shortlist will be contacted. Candidates not selected for the shortlist will also be informed.

December 2021    Final selection of the Dancing on the Edge Festival 2022 program.