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Collective Urban Gnawa

workshops & performance

What if we come together in dance, in trance?

Urban, contemporary dance and the traditions of trance and ritual in Gnawa music come together in Collective Urban Gnawa. Choreographer Khalid Benghrib will lead workshops throughout Amsterdam, all participants coming together in a public performance in the city center.

The performance is a space for collective celebration: celebrating yourself as an individual within the community; connecting your body to other bodies. The Collective Urban Gnawa project is a gesture in, with and to the city. It is open to everyone and no dance experience is necessary! Two uplifting workshops will equip participants with the desire, approach and context they need for the performance. All bodies, ages, backgrounds, from first time dancers to professionals are very welcome. People from all over the city will take part. Will you?

Participation in the project consists of:
● 2 workshops, facilitated by Khalid Benghrib between November 4th and 18th
● Try-out performance at location November 18th at 17:00
● Performance November 21st at 17:00. Approximate performance time: 30-45 minutes
● Participation in the workshops and performance is free of charge. Any costs (such as travel) are your own.

Khalid Benghrib founded the internationally acclaimed dance company 2K_FAR based in Morocco. The amazing rhythms of Gnawa musicians, Hassan Boussou, Driss Aidar and Mohamed El Gasmi, will carry the performance.

If you are interested in taking part, please write to maeva@dancingontheedge.nl.