Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Dancing on the Edge Festival 2013 is over. We would like to express our gratitude to all of the artists, who showed beautiful, intense, and inspiring performances and other works, to all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication, to all of the visitors of the festival, and last but not least to our funders, sponsors, and partners without whom the festival could not have taken place.

During the festival period many connections were made between artists and institutions of different countries. Plans are already in the making for new collaborations, performances and alliances both in Europe and the Middle East. Especially fruitful were meetings between artists whom, because of travel and other restrictions, are rarely able to meet each other. The festival is proud to be able to have served as artistic ’safe haven’ during this time!

From the press
About My Paradoxical Knives: “A fascinating and poetic spectacle that Moini builds with perfect timing and concentration. Religious dance tradition and contemporary transformation, words written centuries ago and sung live, shimmering and reflective cold metal, a fragile and powerful body of warm flesh and blood, physicality and spirituality flows in it together. ” 4 stars, theaterkrant.nl.

About Badke: “Energetic, easygoing, united, these are the labels that fit here. (…)The dabke is entertainment, but also a way to shout reality down. A lifeline which is also a whipand which brings the dancers to the brink of exhaustion.” 4 stars, Volkskrant. “The catchy joy of Badke, which can be read from the joyful faces of the dancers, easily drags the audience along in a pleasant trance.” 4 stars theaterkrant.nl. “No dance production from the past year was more energetic then ‘Badke’” 3 stars, Trouw.

About D-Sisyphe: “The Arabic words, surtitled in English, are embodied as a physical poem in which Awachri’s whole being is absorbed. The turmoil that he depicts with his taut body is stunning but never too exaggerated, and is supported by simple but effective metaphors.” 4 stars, Trouw.

About Dancing on the Edge Festival: “The festival is a crucial platform for international exchange and reflection.” Trouw.

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