Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east


Bagdad (Guest Program)


Keulemans and Enkidu both grew up in Bagdad. In their documentary-style theater performance the two men exchange images: of shootings and kidnappings in chaotic Bagdad of 2005 as well as an idyllic Easter Sunday in 1967 on a crisp green lawn in front of the Anglican church. As their stories unfold, they offer two completely different perspectives on a city that is bleeding dry.

Are they telling the truth? Are their memories real or poisoned by abominations? Bagdad is about boys chasing butterflies, men who kill, about lights on the banks of the Tigris and an insane kidnapping in today’s Bagdad, about pain and about paradise.

creation & performance Chris Keulemans , Khaled Enkidu video Dhyaa Joda soundscape Ata Güner installation Moayed Joda artistic adviser Joachim Robbrecht photo Karin van de Wiel coproduction Frascati Producties, MontyProducties, Jamaay el Irakya

Bagdad is part of the Dancing on the Edge Festival Guest Program. Tickets for this performance are only available through the Frascati website.