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Café Lethe


An exercise in collective amnesia

Is it possible to push out memories, replace them or force yourself to forget everything? How do we contain our memories to not have them seep through our skin? Café Lethe aims to answer these questions in a group performance that is based on the Greek mythological river of the underworld, Lethe, which the dead pass through in order to forget. The deceased enter Café Lethe to forget their past or themselves, creating a purgatory between being and not being.

concept Atefeh Tehrani performance Maryam Bagheri Nesami, Sina Saberi, Oveis Mohammad Hassani, Astera Mortezai, Aidin Irankhah, Sasan Gholipour Ghasab, Ahmad Mohammadi, Nazanin Mihan set design Atefeh Tehranin light design Ali Koozegar costume design Nasrin Khorrami music/sound Ali Kianian duration 50′ language no problem 


Photo © Alborz Teymourzade