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Cineblend Open Air #2: Ottoman times

CINEBLEND Open Air screening i.c.w. EYE Filmmuseum, Tolhuistuin, Dancing on the Edge, 180 Amsterdammers

The event is for Dutch speakers only
Early 20th century color footage – Compilation by EYE conservator Elif Rongen – Kaynakçi.
11 July | 20:30 doors open | Tolhuistuin

Ottoman times: An evening in Ottoman style with Meltem Halaceli en Jamil Al Asadi

Based on the history of Halaceli’s grandfather, the EYE Film Museum edited together a never before seen archive footage to create a literary, musically, and visually stunning journey through the former Ottoman Empire – both an extraordinary personal story and a unique film history as well. Sulayman Hadj Ali was an Alawite from Adana and obligatory soldier in the Ottoman army in the first world war. Accompanied by qanun-musician Jamil al Asadi, Halaceli shows us the places in the Ottoman Empire her grandfather has been.

Meltem Halaceli is a writer, researcher and Arabist. She identifies as Dutch with Arabic-Alawite roots and Turkish influences. Her debut about her family’s history “The forgotten history of my grandfather Sulayman Hadj Ali” was published in 2015 and praised by Dutch press. She is currently working on her next book.

Jamil Al Asadi studied qanun and Arabic music studies at the Institute for Iraqi Music and Western music studies and violin at the College for Fine Arts in Bagdad. After his studies he performed on big stages throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Cineblend Open Air is a recurring open air movie night in the garden of the Tolhuistuin. The next scheduled nights are the 8th of August and 12th of September.