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Dar (Homeland)


A body in search of a homeland

What happens when houses and homelands fade? Where do their bodies go? Dar (Homeland) tries to understand the extent of our attachments to time and space. In a time when some societies are decaying and others are being born, home is an unstable concept. Stephanie Kayal tries to form a home within the body, perhaps finding a final resting point.

Dar.Homeland is part of a double bill. The corresponding performance, Grand Voyage, has been created in an exchange between theater company DOX (The Netherlands) and Koon Theatre Group (Syria, Lebanon).

choreography & performance Stephanie Kayal sound design/music (live) Sarah Mashmoushy scenography & light Karam Abu Ayash production Koon Theatre Group duration 15-20’ language no problem 

Photo © Estephan Kayal