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Dream On, Dream On!

Music Room DOTE-Mezrab Night Special

Music Room DOTE-Mezrab Night Special

Dream On, Dream On! consists of three sets, each with a distinct character. This evening starts with the performance of Three Seconds by Mayar Alexan and Hoor Malas. It continues with three short pieces by performance artists Sahand Sahebdivani, Margo van de Linde and Robin Block, who combine storytelling with music. During the third and final set, all performers come together to improvise on the theme of the night and invite audience members to join them in a music and spoken word jam. Bring your strings and verses! The evening is co-curated and hosted by Anastasis Sarakatsanos.
DOTE finds the perfect partner in Mezrab to explore and experience the need for alternative internships, engaged communities, various audiences and for emphasizing the politics of storytelling, performance and collective experience.
Each DOTE – Mezrab night is based on themes within the festival and explored through performances, storytelling and music. A program bringing together local performers and festival performers with spectators who would like to jam or use the open mic.

host Anastasis Sarakatsanos duration 3 hrs language English 

especially powered by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds