Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Increasing Cultural Awareness

Khouloud Yassine, Shaymaa Shoukry, Noora Baker

This project concentrates on three dance residencies for young talented choreographers from the MENA region: Khouloud Yassine (Lebanon), Shaymaa Shoukry (Egypt), Noora Baker (Palestine). The activities of the project consist of a dance training workshop in Alexandria, a dance/video/educational project called Obscenitas, and a film program. All combined with side programs of guest lectures, showings and a debate.

The project’s aims were to stimulate cultural exchange and to increase dialogue and understanding of other cultures, using art as a means to do so. Contemporary dance being a relatively new art form in the Middle Eastern region and more opportunities are needed due to a lack of training opportunities, proper facilities and funding. In the Netherlands (and Europe), there is little knowledge about contemporary art forms from the Middle East.