Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Jheronimus B. (2015)

Khalid BenGhrib

A special dance- and participation project with Moroccan choreographer and dance pedagogue Khalid BenGhrib. In Jheronimus B., BenGhrib and Youness Aboulakoul of dance compagny Cie 2k_far work in different cities with participants of all ages (seniors as well as teenagers), who share a passion for dance. After multiple masterclasses contemporary dance, participants will make a short performance (consisting of several scenes). Starting point is the work of the Dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch. BenGhrib’s work can be circumscribed as contemporary dance on the edge of performance, multimedia and visual art. One of the performances, a collaboration with Kids van Amsterdam Oost and Grey Vibes, can be visited. There are also short presentations in (the foyers of) different venues.