Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east


LaZiz Club Night

A Dancing on the Edge Special Edtion

Dance and lounge night with short performances, Arabian pop, disco, and zouglou

LaZiz is Egyptian slang for ‘tasty’ and that is exactly what the LaZiz DJ’s offer: tasty music from the Middle East combined with the grooviest Northern African music and happy sounds from the West. For more than six years, LaZiz has been a successful club night at Paradiso. This Dancing on the Edge Special Edition features performances by festival artists Khalid BenGhrib, Hussein Khaddour and performers from Badke. Music is provided by DJ’s Gaby, mps PILOT, Moni, Aromi, Mister Temptation and visuals by VJ’s F2ZANI and Stitched. The Paradiso basement will be an Arabic lounge with shisha, Michel Yammine Quisine, and dance films from the installation Moving Matters.