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Light Theory

A personal and powerful meditation on past and present migration

A personal and powerful meditation on past and present migration

Anna is a scholar in medieval Istanbul, Feraye is a young student who fled the war in Syria and came to Istanbul, Kaan is an actor who is preparing to leave Istanbul for good. Though in different times, all of them are forced to leave a place, and just before they shut down their suitcases, all stop to think whether they’ve forgotten something. An archaeologist from the distant future introduces us to a discovery, through which she is able to tell us these stories. Our lives are the irrevocable consequence of obligatory journeys, and Light Theory imagines the potential meanings of the marks left on our shared futures.

“I conceived Light Theory to reflect on the current lives of the people around me. Tremendous political and cultural changes are now happening in Turkey and most of us keep asking ourselves whether we want to leave the country or not. As I started to think about the notion of emigrating from Istanbul, I realized it’s been happening for centuries, and probably it will continue to happen for a long time too (….) I decided to tell these stories and chose to look at the characters as they throw a final glance at their home and form their last memory of the place ” (Onur Karaoğlu)

text & direction Onur Karaoğlu performance Okan Urun, Zinnure Türe lighting design Utku Kara set design Onur Karaoğlu, Utku Kara sound design Özcan Ertek costume design  Hilal Polat photography Burak Çevik, Dilşad Aladağ assistant director Yusuf Huysal production & touring A Corner in the World
Dutch Premiere duration 70 min language Turkish surtitles English

photo © Burak Çevik, Dilşad Aladağ