Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Khouloud Yassin (Lebanon); Imen Smaoui (Tunisia); Hazem Header, Ezzat Ismail (Egypt); Mihran Tomasyan (Turkey); Cristiano Carpanini, Nejib Ben Khalfallah (France/Tunisia) / L’Officina

A dance route of short performances about love

Within just one week, a range of artists has created short performances (miniatures) that are themed around Love and the relationship to the other. These ‘choreographic exhibitions’ are presented as a journey from one (public) space to another. The artists explore a diverse range of artistic means and visions. This idea was based on the Persian miniatures; together they create a common space in which there is room for a multitude of voices.

Silence of Abandonment
Khouloud Yassin (Lebanon)

The Potato
Imen Smaoui (Tunisia)

The Other I
Hazem Header, Ezzat Ismail, NUT Dance Company (NDC), Claudio Curciotti, Israa Elshorbagy (Egypt)

Fallen Words
Mihran Tomasyan (Turkey)

Cristiano Carpanini (France) / Nejib Ben Khalfallah (Tunisia)

CONCEPT L’ Officina_ atelier marseillais de production WITH Khouloud Yassin, Imen Smaoui, Hazem Header, Ezzat Ismail, Mihran Tomasyan, Cristiano Carpanini, Nejib Ben Khalfallah LANGUAGE no problem