Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Karima Mansour

In this piece, Karima Mansour uses a paradoxical, metaphorical allegory about planting a tree in the desert, thus addressing her issues of identity and conflict. In a symbolic way, she examines her own position as a dancer and choreographer – a departure from a recent series of works about male/female relationships.

Nomadness is an exploration of personality and the thin line between performance and reality. Through poetic video images combined with the simple expressiveness of the human body, the audience is led on an intriguing trip between art and life.
Where does the performance end and real life start? Do we invent our own images or do we just carry around ready-made characters? Mansour understands dance to be a medium for reflecting social and cultural values, and a space for a different reflection of identity. While addressing issues of the body and of societies trapped in taboos, Nomadness is also a  rare moment of dance where East meets West.