Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Oriental Dance in Context

Kaouthar Darmoni, Karin van Nieuwkerk, Adham Hafez, Mena Leila, Orit Maftsir

Voices from the Middle East, in collaboration with Beeld voor Beeld – Documentary Film Festival on Cultural Diversity.

Oriental dance sees a growing popularity in the West. At the same time this dance form is under pressure in the Middle East due to the decline of the number of local dancers and the influence of conservative elements. In the programme Oriental Dance in Context a panel of experts moderated by Kaouthar Darmoni will discuss the role and popularity of oriental dance in the West and the Middle East. Illustrated by film clips the panel will also look at the representation and the image of the dance from a historical and contemporary perspective. Oriental Dance in Context is organized in association with Dancing on the Edge and is part of the Orientalicious Shimmy Shake Festival.

Participants in the debate were:
Kaouthar Darmoni (Tunisian-French)
Karin van Nieuwkerk (Dutch)
Adham Hafez (Egypt)
Mena Leila (Dutch)
Orit Maftsir (Egypt)