Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east


Presentation Arab Dance Platform in Beirut

Dancing on the Edge, together with its partners in the Dance Refl-Action project supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, organized two public meetings during the Arab Dance Platform in Beirut.  The first one concentrated on research about dance pedagogy in the region, and the other was a round-table discussion on current structures for training in contemporary dance in the Arab world.
Interim results of the project were presented, including progress reports on research papers and a report of the Symposium on Dance Pedagogy in Arabic Speaking Countries that the ATTC (Arab Theatre Training Center) organized in Bodrum, Turkey in July of 2010 in partnership with Dancing on the Edge and others. This Symposium brought together 28 individuals involved in dance pedagogy with the express aim to promote a reflective approach towards dance theories and practices amongst choreographers, dancers, dance teachers and dance researchers engaged in dance pedagogy in the Mediterranean Arabic-speaking countries.