Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Arkadi Zaides

The four characters in Quiet, Palestinians and Israelis, create a landscape which contains the elements in which they live-  aggression, compassion, confusion and yearning. In the midst of this intensity, lies a constant search for a place which is able to contain all conflicted layers – a place which is quiet.

The motivation to make the piece arose from a real sense of emergency stemming from  the growing violence and mistrust between their communities.  The creative process  between these actors and dancers was nourished and inspired by their differences, resulting in a piece which, while sometimes difficult to watch, also gives room for hope.

Quiet has been performed in Prague, Tel Aviv, New York, Gdansk, Vancouver, Potsdam, Athens, Seville, Rouen and many other cities.

Performed by Arkadi Zaides, Yuval Goldstin, Mohammed Mugrabi and Ofir Yudilevitch.

“…harnessing a unique form of body language, without using any traditional dance steps, this piece, created following long hours of discussions and rehearsals, is stunning beyond the Israeli-Palestinian issues.” – Tatsuro Lishi, Dance Magazine, Tokyo, Japan