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Rima Khcheich & Band

Rima Khcheich

Lebanese singer Rima Khcheich is a rising star of the Middle East. As a successor to the famous Lebanese singer Feiruz, Rima offers a new perspective to young Lebanese audiences. Rima first worked with the Yuri Honing trio in 1998, where she met Tony Overwater. Since then, she and Tony have been working together, creating a unique new style in Arab musical culture. The music is a beautiful fusion between traditional and modern Arab songs with contemporary Western arrangements. On her debut solo CD, Yalalalli, Khcheich transgressed tradition, recording an Arabic Muwashah with Tony for the first time. This led to a duo project that has attracted great attention. Her second CD, Falak, has been well received throughout the Arab world and has set a new standard in Arabic singing, arranging and recording. The arrangements of songs made by Tony Overwater and guitarist Maarten van der Grinten are a perfect blend of Arabic lyricism and Western musical harmony.