Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Lawand Hajo, Feri de Geus, Noortje Bijvoets / Ramad Dance, Le Grand Cru, Dancing on the Edge

Risaleh is a performance that consists of two pieces:

Who opens the door?
The performance centers on the problems of young people who are seeking a different meaning in their life. They are waiting by the door to freedom, waiting for someone to open it. For them the question is still: is there anyone to open the door or should they do something else to end the long scenario of sectarianism and sexual discrimination within the ‘Arabian House’? Choreography by Lawand Hajo (Syria).

Sounds of Water and More
The choreographers are overwhelmed by the ancient culture of Syria, as history and the present fold into each other. Beneath the surface of old values, one finds vital thoughts and dreams, like water giving life, only coming from the caves in the desert mountains. It is nowhere to be seen. But always there. Together with Ramad Dance, the choreographers observed and created personal images and happenings in the complexity of modern Arab life, alongside metaphorical images. Choreography by Le Grand Cru (The Netherlands).