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Rituals of Change Workshop I : Decolonizing Rituals

By Fazle Shairmahomed

Writing – Moving – Ancestors 

What does spirituality mean to you within the process of decolonization? Dismantling the oppressive mechanisms, which are rooted in the colonial project and still functioning today, is often considered a political process. People have been resisting and fighting against that system throughout history. Resistance that has often been rooted in spiritual practices.

You will be asked to perform short daily writing rituals to your ancestors in preparation of the online group session, and to think about what you would like to add to the session to symbolize acts of purification, materialization and dematerialization, as well as transformation. The session itself will be a ritual, including body work, dance, meditation, and a group conversation.

We’ll focus on the connection with the ancestors, and the relation between the heart and hara (center) in the body work and dance. While the heart is the space of feelings and emotions, the hara is the source of strength and rootedness. We will give attention to the emotions related to our shared colonial histories. We are constantly in search of different relationships with land in the process of decolonization; through dance, we will connect with the rootedness inside of ourselves, in order to connect with our ancestors. Shairmohamed is inspired by rituals of Gnawa, Zar, House, Butoh, and Body Weather on this journey. This workshop is open to anyone, there is no experience required.

The online session takes place on Thursday the 5th of November from 8 till 9:30 pm CET. Daily or regular incentives through mail from 1-4 November. Check out the full program here.

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Image by Tanja Busking