Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Khalid BenGhrib / Cie 2k_far

Impassioned dance performance about reflections on the ‘Arab Spring’ in Morocco

The reflections of the artists in the group Cie 2k_far on the so-called Arab Spring form the basis of the latest creation by Khalid BenGhrib and his Casablanca-based dance company. In Sol-Os a whirlwind of emotions is displayed – excitement, hope, disappointment and resignation. BenGhrib uses contemporary dance, live singing, and multimedia in the theatrical style for which he has become known since his internationally successful production The Smala B.B.

CONCEPT & CREATION Khalid BenGhrib ASSOCIATED ARTISTS Youness Aboulakoul, Younes Atbane, Chakib Yahlahi, Zouheir Atbane & Abdefatah Elmkachet TRANSLATION Loren Palmer PRODUCTION Khalid BenGhrib CO-PRODUCTION Cie 2k_far & Cie door L/K, Costante cambiamento / Florence, French Institute / Florence, Moulay Rachid Cultural Complex / Casablanca, Micadense / Paris LENGTH 75’