Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Stand Up for Your Rights – Debate

Omar Ahaddaf / Dancing on the Edge

Although humor may not immediately come to mind when thinking about the Arab Spring or the work of contemporary artists from the region, it does play an important part in society and even in societal change. From caricatures of the regimes to political (black) humor, or simply ironic situations that come about, humor abounds. The opening of the Dancing on the Edge festival, appropriately to be held in the Comedy Theatre, will focus on this aspect of life in the region, with excerpts from films, cartoons, live performances and anecdotes that all will be an introduction to the festival programs.

The debate is organized in collaboration with SICA |Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities and Theater Instituut Nederland in the framework of the program Mediterranean Crossings, made possible by the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts.

The Dutch-Moroccan actor / comedian Omar Ahaddaf (the Islama’s) provides a stand-up performance. Moderation is done by Chris Keulemans.

The debate was followed by the performance  Mud  from Yaser Khaseb (Iran).