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Table Talks XL

A place to share, eat and think with us!

A place to share, eat and think with us!

How can we speak with each other in a different way? What are questions that are never asked?  How can we be fully present in an encounter? Table Talks XL is a program in which makers and audience come together around questions and urgencies related to the festival’s journey. We will unpack themes like power, care, fragmentation, ownership and belonging in a curated intimate setting. Food interventions and a shared meal by Maureen de Jong will nurture, ease and shake up body and spirit.
Table Talks XL are an expression of a series of smaller Table Talks that took place in the run up to the festival, where each group formulated the urgency for the next. The two XL editions are at the open and the close of the festival.

Tickets are available till two days before the event.
Tickets includes a vegetarian dinner. Allergies? Please send an email to communications@dancingontheedge.nl.

hosts Agnes Matthews, Natasja van ‘t Westende, Alaa Minawi, Rana Ghavami & Soula Notos food interventions & dinner Maureen de Jong documentation de Beeldvormers
duration 3 hrs
 language English

photo © de Beeldvormers

especially powered by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds