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The Assassination of Omar Rajeh

Omar Rajeh / Maqamat Dance Theater, Bonlieu Scène Nationale, Theater Agora, Tanzhaus NRW, Dancing on the Edge

This international co-production with Maqamat Dance Theatre was about the significance of the written word in Arab society, and the dangers of expressing dissenting opinions. The recent assassinations of Lebanese journalists are taken as a case in point. In the piece, the choreographer reacts to these incidents, and the inclusion of his name in the titles indicates the social dimension of his own actions: can or should an artist respond to the elimination of voices, and of lives? Incorporating a musical score written and sung by the Dutch-Moroccan musician, Najib Cherradi, this piece had its Dutch premiere at the Dancing on the Edge Festival and went on to perform in many cities in Europe and in the Arab World. The Festival is a co-producer of the piece. were taken as a case in point, but the topic was also dealt with from a very personal perspective.