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Open Encounter The Boat is Sinking?

Addressing the Urgency of Artistic Cross-Cultural Dialogues

The Boat is Sinking? is an open encounter with artistic interventions and debate. The event engages the intensifying paradox between the usual exultation of globalization from the side of capitalism and the asymmetric (daily) practices of international and cross-cultural artistic exchange. The program consists of two parts: (1) artists, programmers, academics, and cultural operators/activists of different disciplines give ‘statements’ on the current state of cross-cultural artistic practices within international contexts as well as within the Netherlands. The statements include provocations, artistic interventions/performances, personal concerns and challenges; 2) an open-format discussion is used for an inclusive conversation between participants and audience.
Moderator is Chris Keulemans.

The Boat is Sinking? is a collaboration of Dancing on the Edge and Theatre Studies, University of Amsterdam in cooperation with Dutch Culture and the Amsterdam School of Globalisation Studies.

Entrance to the event is free, but registration is required. Due to the size of the theater, there are limited seats, so please register early to secure your place. Registration can be done by sending an email to cross-cultural@habi-web.org