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The Festival Login

Where have you come from, what do you carry with you? What do you leave behind?

Where have you come from, what do you carry with you? What do you leave behind?

The Festival Log In travels with the festival performances through the theaters. It is a cumulative installation, an alternative festival logbook, an invitation to spectators as festival makers to chart the performances, encounters and undercurrents of your personal journey. ‘Where have you come from, what do you carry with you? What do you leave behind?’ None of us arrives neutral.
The Festival Log In is a before and after space to take time, jot down, reflect, to (re)position yourself, to formulate, interact and connect with others while enjoying a cup of tea. The installation has several facets offering different qualities of interaction.

Join the Dots: Deep Mapping
In a system that requires audience profiling and questionnaires, DOTE is searching for a more transparent yet (digitally) anonymous and meaningful form of data. Questions that are more interesting to answer than choosing which box defines you or which number between 1 and 5 best expresses your response. Curious as to what feels urgent to you, what you miss, how you relate to a particular performance, this ‘mapping wall’ invites festivalgoers to put pen to paper and trace their personal response to each performance through emotional, associative coordinates. The result is a collaborative image of every performance, specific to its audience.

What do you bring, what do you leave behind?
An interactive installation where spectators leave personal answers to the main questions that tap into themes running through the festival. Questions like ‘how is personal memory a form of resistance?’ or ‘what if the vulnerability were embraced as a norm?’ Share your personal insights and practice, and maybe even take a stranger’s words away with you. Our program book is designed as a little travel journal too, where you can answer these and some other questions to mark your experience.

Table Talks Wall
A line of drawings and collected words from the Table Talks series, before and during the festival. These reflect the Table Talks as documented by De Beeldvormers, artists Kyra Sacks and Machteld Aardse. We share them in the festival venues so that spectators can follow the overall process. All the drawings can also be found in our online magazine, where you can read a blog about each of the Table Talks. The Table Talks Wall will grow during the festival to include the documentation of the two Table Talks XL programs, the first of which takes place at the beginning of the festival and the second forming the festival’s close.

photo © de Beeldvormers