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Urban Gnawa Night

Dance, trance, celebrate

Dance, trance, celebrate

Dance the night away to the amazing rhythms of Gnawa, deeply hypnotic trance music from Morocco rooted in classical Islamic Sufism and different African musical traditions. Renowned musicians Hassan Boussou, Driss Aidar and Mohamed El Gasmi come to Amsterdam from Morocco especially for this year’s Dancing on the Edge Festival.

Collective Urban Gnawa, a large-scale public performance, will take place on Beursplein at 17:00 where the musicians and a large group of Amsterdammers will gather in an act of communal celebration, as part of the festival.

Just as Collective Urban Gnawa’s gesture of public celebration combines the healing rituals of Gnawa with contemporary dance, these brilliant musicians’ traditional Gnawa repertoire will spark off and blend with DJ collective Yallah! Yallah!’s contemporary (Arab) grooves culminating in a lively dance party!

The concert is free and open to everyone, the festival community and all other music lovers.