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Waiting Forbidden

Feri de Geus, Noortje Bijvoets / Dancing on the Edge, Al Balad Theatre, El Funoun, Grand Theatre, Le Grand Cru

Waiting Forbidden is about a sense of displacement, fear and resistance – a production about being Palestinian and being of Palestinian descent.
About human beings connecting and struggling with their own relationship to oppression and statelessness- a mental labyrinth of sixty years of violence in a place where nothing seems innocent anymore, and where time is moving forward. At least time moves forward….

The performance is inspired by the stories of the dancers and the work of Mona Hatoum, a well-known visual artist of Palestinian descent. In her work, home is a mythical location; a place charged with loss and violence.

The performance is part of the educational program of the Dancing on the Edge Festival. Waiting Forbidden is a production by Al Balad Theatre (Jordan) and Dancing on the Edge (The Netherlands), with co-producers El-Funoun (Ramallah, Palestine), Le Grand Cru (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Grand Theatre (Groningen, The Netherlands).

The production is sponsored by The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Jordan, the Anna Lindh Foundation, Royal Jordanian Airlines and the sponsors of the Dancing on the Edge Festival.