Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Chourouk El-Mahati

Based in Morocco, Chourouk El Mahati (1992) discovered dance at the age of 20 with Al Mokhtabar II 2011/2012, organized by Cie Anania and led by Taoufiq Izzediou. Her career as a dancer included several workshops, internships and residencies in Morocco and Europe, under the leadership of several major international choreographers like Taoufiq Izzediou, Khalid Benghrib, Bernardo Montet, Mathilde Monier, Carmen Blanco principal, Michel Hallet Eghayan, Pierre Droulers, Verra Montero, Elsa Wolliaston, Hella Fatoumi and Eric Lamoureux.

Chourouk recently worked for Cie 2kfar on the Ballet Gnawa “Lhaal” and “Hunna” by Khalid Benghrib, Cie HumaineĀ  “Checkpoint” of Eric Oberdorff. In May 2019, Chourouk is rehearsing for “Border-line” by Taoufiq Izzediou.