Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east


Shayma Aziz

Shayma Aziz is a visual artist, whose work combines traditional fine arts technicality with experimental media practices, focussing particularly on painting, sculpture, interdisciplinary projects and animation. Born in Asyut, Egypt. Aziz obtained her BFA in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor, where she investigated representational formats in ancient Egyptian art before she moved to Cairo and actively engaged in its growing art scene for 17 years. Her work has been exhibited widely, both in Egypt and abroad, including exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Thessaloniki, Tehran, Beirut, Budapest, Amsterdam and Marseilles. She was a resident and a grantee of multiple cultural organizations including Al Mawred Al Thaqafi, Centre d’Arte i Natura residency, Siwa Studios residency and L’officina Marseille
among others.

Aziz’s work centralizes the female and the moving body as a site of questions, driving her to collaborate with movement artists, and to produce movement-based still or moving visual work such as; ‘Love Dance’ choreographic-animation. Her practice layers different visual
cultures, and offers access to see their intersections and distances through a constant representation of time in her painted images, and installed spaces. Her New York Live Arts painting/performance live mural “At WAR(k)” looked at fallen bodies, the poetics of war
murals, mass immigration and different temporalities between labour, dreamers, dance, drowning and making memory.