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Rituals of Change Research Series 2021

The DOTE Rituals of Change Research Series in October till December 2021 are experimental theatrical gatherings, proposals in form, co-created with a brew of makers concerned with process, with time spent together, with (colonial) structures and belonging in relation to our bodies & habitat.

The series is part of a conceptual long-line from the online workshop series of 2020 to the DOTE Festival 2022.

Research #1: Calling Time

….Or how to re-gather. An evening of myth(un)making. And to mark the season (Halloween), we extend the invitation to the dead, our ancestors; to our fears and possibly our wildest dreams.

Saturday 30th October 7pm – 10 pm, The Marmalade, NDSM, Amsterdam, €10,-
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Research #2: One in the Hand

…. Or how to share a meal. An afternoon program to don your apron for and roll up your sleeves to, to roll out your tongue to tastes with traces of (y)our personal histories.

Sunday 14th November 4pm – 7pm, Tugela85, Tugelaweg 85, Amsterdam, €15,-
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Research #3: Space + ? = Place

…. Or how to be somewhere. A morning walk through some of the layers of the history of a structure, a place. As a practice of embodiment.

Sunday 12th December 11am – 1pm NDSM (meeting point: Central Station ferry to NDSM), Amsterdam, €10,-
Reflection 7pm – 8pm Online
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You can apply and buy tickets through this link. We will scan your ‘corona pas’ on arrival.