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Youness Aboulakoul

Youness Aboulakoul is a Moroccan dancer living and working in Paris. Youness has been an associated artist and member of the company Cie 2k_far, under the artistic direction of Khalid Benghrib, a company that has performed at Dancing on the Edge festivals in the past. Besides that he has worked with Olivier Dubois, Radhouane Elmeddeb, Ramon Baeza, Bernardo Montet, Christian Rizzo and others.

After the successful performance The Architects with choreographer Youness Atbane, he is currently developing his first solo work Today is a beautiful day, which will premiere at Dancing on the Edge Festival in November 2019.

Besides being a performer and choreographer, he is also a music composer. Passionately mixing electronic with Moroccan music he has created soundtracks to several choreographies.