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Cineblend: Women in Islam

Recently a spate of productions, performances, and art exhibitions have focused on the theme  of women in Islam, often with an emphasis on sexuality. One of these is the television series Sex and Sin (Seks en de Zonde), initiated and presented by Femke Halsema, which will start broadcasting on May 11.
On May the 6th, Dancing on the Edge, Cineblend, and the Amsterdam Museum present an evening with several artists and program makers about their motivation in confronting this subject. Guests include journalist, author and program maker Hassnae Bouazza (also editor of Sex and Sin), choreographer Mouna Laroussi , photographer Saskia Aukema,  and anthropologist Vanessa Vroon-Najem. The evening  is moderated by art critic and film programmer Sacha Bronwasser.