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Black Table

Khalid BenGhrib / Cie2k_far

A dancing statement about the appeal of power

Khalid BenGhrib’s Black Table, inspired by Kurt Jooss’ famous political ballet The Green Table, is an urgent and timely work in which six young dancers are trying to relate to (the appeal of) power. Whilst Jooss’ explored the dangers of early Nazism, BenGhrib’s piece is about the rise of the Islamic State.

CONCEPT AND CHOREOGRAPHY Khalid BenGhrib PRODUCTION Cie 2k_far WITH Mouad Aissi, Aziz Nadif, Youness Aboulakoul, Rabii Hadane, Nabil Najihi, Mohamed Ahakki SOUND DESIGNER Youness Aboulakoul CHANT Aziz Nadif MEDIA CONCEPT Younes Atbane MANAGEMENT Imad Achile PHOTOS Jawad El Hadine COMMUNICATION Qods Chabaa LENGTH 40’,65’ LANGUAGE no problem