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Cocoon (2013)

Mey Sefan (Syria), Jens Junker (Germany)

How does it feel to be pronounced dead, to be wrapped in clothes, while you are still alive?

Nothing is certain. Survival rises from fear. In death people look identical. Yet this is a personal story, a story to survive… Syrian choreographer Mey Seifan explores the influence of (un)consciousness on the body in everyday life as well as in times of war. In 2011, Seifan started to document dreams that Syrians had during the Syrian conflict. This led to The Syrian Dreams Project. The short film Cocoon is one of the artistic results.

FILM BY Mey Seifan, Jens Junker CHOREOGRAPHY Mey Seifan PRODUCTION Tanween, Jens Junker WITH Mey Seifan, Simone Schirmer, Titus DREAM OF Tariq A Safieh LANGUAGE Arabic with English subtitles